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Light and lines - Monochrome

Light and lines - Monochrome

The images titled - Where the lines meet, Jaali, The divide, Hidden scars and Light at the end of a tunnel - are part of the 'Light and lines' series. 'Light and lines' is a recurring theme depicting the interplay of light and shadow with lines emphasizing these elements.


This is a set of 5 black and white prints made on basic archival paper (210 gsm). Prints are delivered as rolls and are unframed. Paper prints come with a ¼-inch border. Please write to us for any customizations (different size, different material, staggering sizes, exploring more options etc).


*Frames and sizes shown in product visualizations are for representation purpose only. Actual print sizes will be based on what customers choose.

  • Shipping info

    Orders are delivered in mailing tubes. Shipping costs include cost of packaging, delivery and other related expenses. Watch out for our confirmation email when prints are shipped.

    • India deliveries will reach you in 7-10 working days from the date of purchase. 
    • International deliveries will take 10-15 working days for the same.
    • For local pickup, orders will be ready in 3-5 working days.

    Covid lockdowns and restrictions may affect print and delivery services. 

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